A revolutionary android app designed for managing neonatal patients in low resource settings, providing a digital admission form for real time data collection and a platform for neonatal training.

This user friendly interface is suitable for healthcare workers of any cadre. It supports nurses and doctors in stabilising sick newborns according to national guidelines. We are currently testing an algorithm that produces a suggested diagnosis and management plan in Malawi. We are are using the app in Zimbabwe to fight Newborn infections. The overall objective is to improve the quality of newborn care and reduce newborn mortality.


Please read our recent publication in the BMJ – Global Health for a detailed report of our pilot study

NeoTree is a mobile health (mHealth) application for health care workers of all cadres admitting newborns and infants to neonatal units in low resource settings. It's essentially an electronic admission form with inbuilt decision suppor replicating the paper form already being used in Malawi.


Real time capture

Real time data collection at the point of admission

COIN based training

Neonatal training as per Malawian COIN (Care of the Infant Newborn)

Diagnostic algorithms

Diagnostic algorithms and management features to guide health care workers

Wireless printing

Wireless printing, compatible with battery powered printers, using Android 5.0+

Thermal coat used recommended by app
Guiding actions
NeoTree App in action
Data being captured in realtime
Visable screen to present to patient
Clear and simple UI
United team with consistent process
Process unification

Contact Information

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